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Q&A Anna Maxwell Martin

The Guardian
Published: 25th Feb 06
Author: Rosanna Greenstreet

Anna Maxwell Martin, 27, played Esther in BBC1's recent adaptation of Bleak House. She was nominated for an Olivier award for playing Lyra in His Dark Materials at the National Theatre in 2004 and has also performed at the Donmar, in 2002's The Little Foxes, and at the Royal Court. Her films include The Hours and Enduring Love. She is appearing in Other Hands at the Soho Theatre until March 11. Born in Yorkshire, she now lives in London.What is your idea of perfect happiness? Having something to look forward to.What is your greatest fear? Not having children.What is your greatest extravagance?Wasting time.Where would you like to live?With Mike Skinner from The Streets.Who would play you in a movie of your life?A small Inuit boy.What is your favourite smell?My mum.What is your favourite word?'Mittens.'What is your favourite book?One Hundred Years Of Solitude, by Gabriel García Márquez.What is your fancy dres…

Ms Versatility

The Scotsman
Published: 29th March 08
Author: Claire Black

Sitting on a plump, oversized sofa in the quiet of the library at the Soho Hotel in central London, Anna Maxwell Martin is telling me an embarrassing story. Having just finished a well-received run as Sally Bowles in Cabaret – quite a change from the earnest Esther Summerson in BBC1's award-winning adaptation of Bleak House – Martin was shopping in Waitrose when a woman caught her eye. "Oh it's you, it's you, isn't it? From Cabaret?" she says, deadpanning. Martin, at 30, looks positively elfin. Maybe it's because her hair is cropped short. Maybe it's because she's pulled her legs up beneath her as she sips her peppermint tea. Either way, it fits perfectly with her self-deprecating humour and quick wit.

She speaks in an accent that bears only traces of East Yorkshire, where she grew up, and a great deal more of London, where she's lived for the past eight years. If the honour o…

My perfect weekend: Anna Maxwell Martin

The Telegraph
Published: 8th Aug 08
Author: Sylvia Roger

Sharing a cottage with old university pals is an encore to relish for actress Anna Maxwell Martin My perfect weekend involves meeting up with a group of friends from Liverpool university. There are nine of us, four couples and me. The other four girls all met their husbands at Liverpool. Zoe found Neil, Kate found Jono, Jenny found Shaggy and Vicky found Martin. I've been a bridesmaid to three of them. In fact Kate had all four of us dressed in big bright frocks trooping down the aisle behind her. Sometimes my partner, Roger [Michell, the director], joins us and everyone adores him, but mostly I do these weekends on my own, because they are a huge part of my life and it's fun playing the gooseberry. We've all stayed really close for 10 years, there's a great bond between us and we've continued to meet four or five times a year since we joined the real world. Usually we rent a cottage somewhere. In fact the nin…

I Really Hate My Job (2007)


People often call me odd. Maybe they mean ugly'

The Telegraph
Published: 15 January 2004
Author: Cassandra Jardine

The young actress bringing Philip Pullman's books to life tells Cassandra Jardine how her father's fatal illness brought out her best he sell-out theatrical version of Philip Pullman's bestselling trilogy of children's novels, His Dark Materials, begins with Anna Maxwell Martin sitting quietly on a bench, spotlit in the darkness. For the next six hours, the young actress playing Lyra is the audience's focal point amid a bewildering spectacle of supernatural beings and special effects. As the National Theatre's director, Nick Hytner, says, the entire £800,000 production "hangs on Anna''. "Luckily, he didn't say that before the first night," says Anna, "or I might have been more nervous." As it turned out, critics had reservations about the staging, but they fell over themselves to praise her touching portrayal of the 12-year-old heroine…

Anna Maxwell Martin: The 5-Minute Interview

The Independent
Published: 12 March 2007
Author: Elisa Bray

Anna Maxwell Martin, 28, who played Esther in 'Bleak House' and is starring as Sally Bowles in 'Cabaret' at the Lyric Theatre in London, plays Cassandra Austen in 'Becoming Jane', out now in cinemas.

My character Cassandra Austen in Becoming Jane...

Is Jane Austen's sister and she's terribly sensible and gets her heart broken. It's very sad. She's the levelling force for Jane Austen, the wild one. She tries to get her back in line, but fails miserably. We had a good time filming in rainy Ireland.

If I weren't talking to you right now I'd be...

Talking to my friend, who's just had a baby six weeks early. She's in the hospital now holding a little premature baby. I'm desperate to see her.

I wish people would take more notice of...

My big thing is the environment, but people are starting to sit up and take notice now. My dream is to go to the country and build an eco-friendly h…

Anna at the Royal Television Society Awards

Anna News

First I like to apologize for the utter lack of updates from me and I've missed quite a lot as Anna has been very busy heres some load down of news for you why I start getting the site sorted again.

Anna has been nominated for a Bafta award for best actress for her performance in Poppy Shakesphere and White Girl also got a nomination for best single drama.She appeared in Free Agents as Sophie in episode 5. (pictures and video coming soon)She will be appearing in to new TV productions this year the first being Moonshot which will apparently be airing in July and the second will be Freefall for the BBC she will be playing Mandy.Anna and her partner is expecting a baby she appeared last month at the Royal Television Society Awards where she was nominate for best actress sporting a bump, I would just like to say congratulation to Anna and her partner Roger Mitchell. I do again apologize for this quick write up I will post all proper new in Full.