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Anna Maxwell Martin On ... A Female Reunion

Whats On Stage
Published: 14 July 2008
Author: Terri Paddock
Source In 2003, actress Anna Maxwell Martin co-starred with Eileen Aktins in the UK premiere of Australian Joanna Murray-Smith’s play Honour, directed by Roger Michell. This week, she opens in the UK premiere of Murray-Smith’s The Female of the Species, once again starring Atkins and directed by her now-partner Michell. In the intervening years, Maxwell Martin has racked up credits including His Dark Materials, Three Sisters and Cabaret on stage, and Bleak House, Becoming Jane, Poppy Shakespeare and Enduring Love on screen.

I was totally thrilled when I got the job on Honour. I was really young, not long out of drama school. It was the second play I did at the National, after The Coast of Utopia. I wanted it so badly. I was desperate for it. It was like working with acting royalty. I responded to the play at that particular time and at that age. I was in my early twenties. I hadn’t personally but a lot of my friends had been…

The Female of the Species

Anna starring as Molly Rivers in The Female of the Species in 2008. 

Anna to perform in The 24 Hour Plays at The Old Vic.

Anna Maxwell Martin will perform in one of six plays at the Old Vic in a 24 hour period with a host of other stars.

According to The Press Association;

Hosted by Graham Norton, the event promises "never to be seen again" performances, with six short plays being conceived, written, cast, rehearsed and then performed in 24 hours.
The 24 Hour Plays Celebrity Gala was first staged in the UK in 2004 and tickets range from £75 to £250.
The Old Vic's artistic director, Kevin Spacey, said: "The 24 Hour Plays always give audiences a rollercoaster ride of performances.
"It's an electrifying experience at the theatre and I'm thrilled that so many great people have thrown their hats into the ring this year."

Thoroughly modest Martin

The Daily Mail WebsitePublished: 24 February 2007
Author: Stuart Husband

SourceAnna Maxwell Martin has a winning line in self-deprecation.
Take her appearance: 'I've been told I have an 'interesting' face,' she says, 'meaning it has this rounded shape, with tiny eyes and no cheekbones.'
Take her life: ?I lead the dullest existence.'
Take, even, her name. 'Oh, it was a hideous mistake,' she cringes. 'There was already an Anna Martin in Equity, so I added my granddad's name, and it makes me sound like I'm trying to be an aristocrat. And people sometimes hyphenate it, which is even worse.' The one thing that even Anna can't denigrate is her ability as an actress.
She's only been working for five years, but she's already been nominated for an Olivier Award for her performance as Philip Pullman's heroine Lyra in the mammoth National Theatre production of His Dark Materials, and she won the Best TV Ac…

Freefall (2009)

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Credit: BBC

Midsomer Murders (2002)