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Winning Ways: Anna Maxwell Martin

Bafta Website
Published: 8th June 09
Author: Matthew Bell

Anna Maxwell Martin, versatile star of Poppy Shakespeare and White Girl, talks to Matthew Bell about her “challenging” roles and double BAFTA win.

For most actresses, winning a bafta is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Yet Anna Maxwell Martin has bagged two by the age of 30: her first for Bleak House in 2006 and now for Poppy Shakespeare. Having recently given birth to her daughter and with her partner, film director Roger Michell, working in New York, Maxwell Martin was unable to attend the Television Awards ceremony in April. “It’s really full on. She is my first and it’s a huge shock to the system, but I wish I could have been there now for obvious reasons,” she says. In fact, Maxwell Martin was asleep while the masks were being handed out: “I heard this crashing and banging and my step kids ran into the room telling me to get up,” she recalls. “I couldn’t believe it; I sat there in shock.” Maxwell Martin has always wanted…


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