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Sound Clips: Portrait of a Lady

Portrait of a Lady Radio 4 Aired: 19th & 26th July & 2nd Aug 2008 
Young and beautiful, Isabel Archer thinks that she is in control of her fate. Little does she know, however, that others behind the scenes are pulling the strings.
2. Deceit The beautiful and free-spirited Isabel Archer is now a very rich woman. Two men have declared their love for her but she does not want to be married. Resolved to enjoy her fortune, she begins her travels.
3. Truth Isabel has been married to the handsome and urbane Gilbert Osmond for three years. Like a sparkling and brilliant jewel, she is part of his collection of beautiful things, but she is about to discover a startling truth.
Thank you to Marnix for this.

New BBC Trailer featuring The Night Watch

CBeebies Bedtime Stories Videos: Anna Maxwell Martin

Anna Reads Tortoise Vs Hare the Rematch

Snoring Beauty

Mole's Sunrise

Millicent and Meer

Happy Birthday, Bear.

Anna's new Radio Project : Words and Music - Self-Improvement

Anna Maxwell Martin and Matthew Macfadyen explore through poetry and prose a subject that has exercised some of the greatest minds of all time: self-improvement. What is the value of seeking out knowledge, physical improvement and enlightenment through self-teaching and motivation? With words of wisdom from a variety of sources across the ages including Confucius, Kant, Tennyson, Charlotte Bronte and Alan Bennett, together with music by Elgar, Clementi, Rimsky-Korsakov, and Bob Dylan. Airs tomorrow at 10.15 on Radio 3. 

Sound Clip: Words and Music - Labyrinth

Labyrinth Aired : 27th March 2011 Radio 3
What lies at the heart of the labyrinth? Minotaur or man? Fear or delight? We're all fascinated by labyrinths - whether they're an impenetrable jumble of box hedges in the garden of a stately home or the multiplying reflections in a hall of mirrors. We move through them at the speed of dreams - sometimes as quick as a flicker of lightning sometimes as slow as the drift of sand in an hour glass. From inside they can appear both menacing and beguiling. From outside they can be treated as an engaging puzzle but one where the solution is never in doubt. This evening - should you accept their invitation - you can join Rory Kinnear and Anna Maxwell Martin in a maze of words and music. Along the way you are likely to bump into George Herbert, Thelonious Monk, Arvo Part, Erik Satie, Jorge Luis Borges, Edwin Muir, Bach and Francis Seyrig - some of them more than once....even if you don't lose your way or your nerve.

Screencaps from The Night Watch Trailer

BBC 2 Drama Trailer

A couple of scenes of Anna in The Night Watch as Kay.

Local girl in the running for third top drama award

BEVERLEY-born actress Anna Maxwell Martin is in the running for her third Bafta for her role in period drama South Riding. The ex-Beverley High School pupil is a contender in the leading actress category of the British Academy of Film and Television Awards. She was nominated for her role as the inspirational head teacher of a girls' school in the BBC's adaptation of South Riding. The period drama, which was filmed across the region, was based on the novel by East Yorkshire author Winifred Holtby.
Anna, 32, has already won two Baftas for previous roles. Her latest nomination has delighted former teachers who remember the actress from her schooldays at the girls' secondary in Norwood, where she was a pupil from 1988-95. Former deputy head Angela Martinson said Anna's former teachers and school friends will be proud of her success. Mrs Martinson said: "I just felt so proud of her when I saw her in South Riding. I just think she's wonderful. "It's marvell…