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We have facebook

I’ve created a fan page for this site on facebook I know like myself a lot of people are likely to have FB so to get more in touch with fans and also keep people more updated on any Anna news you can just click Like and any news I post will appear in your newsfeed the address is it also has a discussion forum so please feel free to participate and chat. The site will be going through another name change reverting back to what we originally called Anna Maxwell Martin Fan, this I promise will be the last change.

Becoming Jane (2006)

Screencaps More too come soon.


The site will beunder construction for the next week as it goes under a major redesign and organisation, there are gonna be some new added features but over all just a tidy up to make it more user friendly for visitors.
If you need to contact me please email at

Two new radio projects

It seems Anna has two new project for Radio 4 coming up soon, her agency page has listed two new credits the first called The White Devil playing the character of Vittoria and the second one is The Wings of a Dove as Milly, I'll keep you all updated on any news about theses projects.
Thanks to a lovely person called SharonaLee, I've been able to show you a bunch of new and unseen photo shoots of Anna and updated existing ones that where watermarked or of low resolution,  You can find them all HERE Please feel free to check out the wonderful site called Sweet Religion.

Please remember if you use any of theses pics please credit & link back to Sweet Religion, many thanks.

Photoshoot (6)

Photos by Gary Calton Thanks & Credit toSweet Religion

Photoshoot (5)

Photos by Chris McAndrew Thanks & Credit toSweet Religion

Photoshoot (4)

The photos are HQ which means they are quite large when they load and are not dial up friendly, unless you have fast broadband.  2005. Many Thanks to SharonaLee of Sweet Religion for the High Quality Pictures.