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North & South (2004)

Anna played Bessie Higgins. Screencaps
Episode 1
More coming soon.

Cabaret {2006}

Role: Sally Bowles. Behind The Scenes Stills

Enduring Love (2004)

Anna played the role of Penny.

New Layout

A quick update I've put together a new layout, its a bit pink and floral at moment but I hope people like it, the site definitely needed a redesign,I'm still thinking of changing it as there is still a few kinks with the layout need straightening out but anyway for now it will do.

Photoshoot (3)

Photos by Pal Hansen in 2006. Thanks & Credit toSweet Religion

Measure for Measure Reviews: Anna's Bits

I thought I'll gather together all reviews for the play which mention Anna's part as Isabella.  (To see the full reviews you can click on the bold links)
The Stage wrote  In the hands of the compellingly mercurial Anna Maxwell Martin - in her first major Shakespeare role - Isabella’s passionate, erotically charged arguments and outbursts of anger are punctuated with quiet moments of girlish nervousness. Gradually Maxwell Martin develops poise for Isabella, culminating in the withering gaze of incredulity with which she answers Vincentio’s clumsy proposal in Shakespeare’s rather tortuous denouement.

Anna Maxwell Martin suffers for her fine art.

The Metro
February 18, 2010
Author: Keith Watson
Source I’ve got a face made for suffering,’ sighs Anna Maxwell Martin before letting out a peal of laughter that punctuates her lively conversation. I don’t get offered many comedies.She’s about as far from the stoical Esther Summerson of Bleak House fame as you could imagine. Martin won a Best Actress Bafta for Esther back in 2005 and followed it up two years ago with another for Poppy Shakespeare, in which she played N, a young woman trapped inside the madness of the mental health system. Add to that a struggling single mother in White Girl and a debt-ridden wife in Freefall, and it would seem that misery is Ms Martin’s forte. But there’s much more to her than that. For one thing, she can dance, as she shows in On Expenses, a TV film that satirically lifts the lid on the financial skulduggery of MPs in Westminster. It’s the story of Heather Brooke, the investigative journalist whose digging brought the story to lig…

Anna Maxwell Martin: in the habit of a fundamentalist

The Times
February 10, 2010
Author: Lucy Powell 
Source Anna Maxwell Martin strides into the office of the Almeida Theatre and stops short, her expressive face momentarily frozen. “Ahhhhh!” she exclaims, one long, comically plaintive note. “I’m going to have a nervous breakdown in this interview. How embarrassing.” She’s staring at the Almeida’s array of theatre awards, which decorate every available inch of wall in the office. But the 31-year-old actress, fizzing with energy, lollipop thin in her black and white stripy top and outsize baggy jeans, has little reason to be daunted. While still at Lamda she was cast in a renowned production of The Little Foxes at the Donmar. Then she spearheaded Nicholas Hytner’s brave new National, playing the 12-year-old Lyra in a landmark 2004 production of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials. But to most, Maxwell Martin remains Esther Summerson, the sad, secretive soul at the heart of the BBC’s lavish series of Bleak House, a rol…

Measure for Measure

Anna played Isabella in (2010) production of Measure for Measure.