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The Wings of the Dove airs this Sunday

The Wings Of Dove will be airing their first episode this Sunday at 3.00 o'clock on Radio 4 and then for the next 3 weeks, the cast look excellent can't wait to listen too this.
Classic Serial – The Wings Of The Dove Ep 1/3
Sunday 1 August 3.00-4.00pm BBC RADIO 4
The Wings Of The Dove is Henry James's story of love, passion and money, dramatised by Linda Marshall Griffiths.
Kate Croy is in love with Merton Densher, a poor writer. However, her rich aunt Maud, with whom she has lived since her mother's death, disapproves.
Maud has offered Kate a wealthy existence but if Kate chooses to marry Merton she risks losing it all. Maud desires marriage for Kate and the suitor is Lord Mark.
Merton cannot offer money or status; he cannot compete, so Kate must reconcile these two worlds to find happiness. Merton takes a journalistic posting in New York but, before leaving, Kate and Merton become secretly engaged. Kate is determined that she will find a way to h…

The Wind In The Willows (2006)