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His Dark Materials

Anna starring as Lyra in His Dark Materials in 2003

Head Shots

Anna's Professional Headshots

About The Site

My name is Hayley and I live in London, I've been a fan of Anna since seeing her in North and South and then her wonderful performance in Bleak House, I think she is a very talented actress and that she has a very promising future.

I started this site back in 2006 as Anna Maxwell Martin Fan as their was not other sites dedicated to her, however due to unforeseen circumstance I was never able to give it the attention it deserve and it kind of went it to retirement and I went on to other projects after I had success with my Skins Online website. I saw that the the old site was getting quite a response so I decided to pull the old site out of retirement and relaunch it as Anna Maxwell Martin Online or simply Anna Online, I've got a new domain address and moved over to Blogger I hope that i can build a nice site that does justic to the actress work and talented hope to keep all fans updated on her as her career progresses.

Contact Details


Hello Visitor(s)
My name is Hayley I'm the blogger/creator of this little website dedicated to Anna Maxwell Martin, I created a site way back 2006 then it was called Anna Maxwell Martin Fan, unfortunately I was a poor poster and the site went into hiatus for a long period, I resurrected it way back in July 2008 and moved over to blogger again my posting has been sporadic but I'm going to focus more on the site this year.
Anna is one of my favourite actresses ever since I saw her in North and South and then again in Bleak House I thought she was very talented and I was sad to see no site dedicated to her work so decided to create one myself, I hope you like the site and look forward to Anna future work.

if you want to contact me about anything then please feel free contact me at

The Female of the Species Press Night

Anna at the press night for The Female of The Species

Becoming Jane Premiere 2007

Anna at Becoming Jane Premiere 2007

Cabaret Press Night 2006

Anna at the Cabaret Press Night 2006

Baftas 2006

Anna at the Baftas2006

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