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Anna Maxwell Martin: I don't like playing saps

The Guardian Published: 16th Feb 2011 Author: Emine Saner Source

As a drama student, Anna Maxwell Martin used to go for walks along the Thames. "I would see the National theatre," she recalls, "and think, 'I'm going to be there one day.'" Two years later, in 2003, she was – playing Lyra in His Dark Materials, and bagging an Olivier nomination in the process. Such single-mindedness seems at odds with the slight person sitting before me in a London bar, finishing her stories with great squeals. Like the one about her mother inviting all her friends round after Maxwell Martin won her first Bafta in 2006, for playing orphan Esther Summerson in the BBC's star-studded Bleak House; the guests were invited, she says, "just to look at it!" Other times, she's thoughtful, delivering considered answers with a faint Yorkshire accent. Though a self-confessed "show-off", she is modest about her work: "I'm starting to think I&…

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South Riding Trailer

South Riding Stills (2011)

Many Thanks to Claudia for the link to the pics.

Two South Riding Behind The Scenes

How fab does Anna look with the red hair?
Many Thanks to Marnix for the vids.

South Riding Episode 1 Summary

 Time and Date are still to be confirmed but it will be at the end of  February, will keep you all posted when it gets confirmed.
1/3 In the long aftermath of the First World War, 30-year-old Sarah Burton comes home from London to Yorkshire to take up the headmistress-ship of a struggling Yorkshire high school for girls. She is the very image of a modern woman, much more recognisable to her sisters in 2010 than she would have been to her contemporaries in 1935 – full of ambition, passion and fire to take her life into her own hands and live it to the very limit of her strength. But the homecoming is more complicated than she thinks and before long her ambitions are in conflict with her feelings for the man least likely to have won her heart – Robert Carne, the handsome, haunted gentleman farmer she clashes with. South Riding is a rich, compassionate and humane story of politics in small places and, in the end, the indestructibility of the human spirit.

South Riding Interview with Anna.

 SOURCE Anna Maxwell Martin plays Sarah Burton, a modern career woman who returns home to take up the headmistress-ship of a struggling Yorkshire high school for girls. Full of ambition, passion and fire to take her life into her own hands, Sarah falls for the man least likely to have won her heart, in Andrew Davies's new three-part drama serial South Riding for BBC One. "Sarah Burton is a teacher who was born and brought up in South Riding, which is technically East Yorkshire," says Anna Maxwell Martin. "She left to go to work in London and she returns to be a Headmistress of a local girls' school. "She is a very opinionated woman. I suppose she is verging on being a feminist, quite left-wing and very progressive and she has big plans for the girls of the South Riding. "When Sarah returns to the South Riding and is offered the post of Headmistress, she sort of goes in guns blazing, a bit too much perhaps, and rubs a lot of peop…

South Riding Press Pack.


Anna Maxwell Martin and David Morrissey lead the cast in South Riding, Andrew Davies's new three-part adaptation for BBC One of the novel by Winifred Holtby. Producer Lisa Osborne says: "South Riding is a sweeping, panoramic story about an entire community living on the edge of England in the 1930s, beset by economic crisis, doing what they can to make the world a better place. "It's deeply attractive from a producer's point of view for the chance to bring to the screen a little-known novel, set in a rarely seen English landscape, with a great cast of rich and real characters, and with universal themes that make it as accessible to a contemporary audience as it was when it was written. "From Sarah Burton (Anna Maxwell Martin), the crusading head teacher who arrives in Yorkshire with a mission to reform; Lydia (Charlie May-Clark), the slum child with a passion to learn; Carne (David Morrissey), the doomed hero damned and bankrupt for love;…