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The Wind in The Willows

The BBC Press Office has released a press pack on The Wind Of The Willows.

Anna Maxwell Martin found it hard to stop laughing while filming The Wind in the Willows.
"I didn't know Matt Lucas before but he is truly hilarious and so creative and talented. I found it hard to keep a straight face and corpsed with him all the time. I am quite naughty anyhow, but being around Matt gave me licence to misbehave! Also comically he is the most brilliant person to bounce off."

Anna plays the Gaoler's Daughter, who meets Toad after he has been sent to prison.
"She is simple and sweet and she has a bit of a glint in her eye. That was the fun thing about playing her. You wonder if she is going to be a bit evil, like Stephen King's Misery. I had great fun playing the scenes where you wonder whether she will let Toad out.

"She wears a little cap, which made me look unattractive, and rags. I am used to bonnets and corsets, but hers had seen better days. I was given yellowy, …

AA is alive!

This is a Fan Blog for Anna Maxwell Martin, I did start a site called Anna Maxwell Martin Fan but it gone on the back burner as I've been so busy with work and college and a blog was my orginal idea and it a lot eaiser to post things on her career etc..