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Bleak House
North and South
White Girl

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L said…
There's a new Facebook fan page for The Bletchley Circle series featuring Anna! Join us and please help spread the word! It's called The Bletchley Circle Watchers:
Anonymous said…
Bletchley Circle has come to PBS here in the USA, state of Idaho. I watched first episode this evening.

I absolutely appreciate and admire all four of you ladies in the production. My wife and I Having spent 18 months in the UK, helping to computerize the British 1881 census, has given me a fondness for the programs and the people. I do not normally write fan mail during my 79 years of life. But you and your fellow actors resonated with me in this production. I know my wife, having passed away 15 months ago, would echo my sentiments.
Thank all of you.

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