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Anna cofirmed for The Night Watch

Press Release;

Anna Maxwell Martin (South Riding), Claire Foy (Little Dorrit), Jodie Whittaker (Accused), and Harry Treadaway (Fish Tank) will star in a tragic and tender adaptation of Sarah Waters' best-selling novel, The Night Watch. Adapted by award-winning British writer, Paula Milne (Small Island, Endgame, The Virgin Queen and The Politician's Wife) and made by BBC Drama Production. Paula Milne said: "One of the themes which attracted me to Sarah Waters' delicate and haunting novel The Night Watch is its theme of invisibility – how in the Second World War, under the deathly mantle of darkness as the air raid sirens wailed, her characters found an invisible arena to explore their sexuality. In that sense it is truly a noir novel. Add to that its wayward structure, jettisoning the story from the present back into the past, it was simply a challenge I couldn't resist." Set against the turbulent backdrop of Forties London, The Night Watch tells the …

Soundclips: Juvenile Jane

Julvenile Jane Radio 4 Tue, 23 Nov 2010
Summary Jane Austen's surprisingly neglected but delightfully precocious and revealing early works celebrated by Austen expert Janet Todd with the help of the writer and illustrator Posy Simmonds and the actor Anna Maxwell Martin. Considering how frequently Jane Austen's six great novels are adapted for film, radio and television, it is perhaps surprising that the three small exercise books containing twenty two little stories and plays written during her teen years have not received more notice. Some of these stories - with titles such as "The Adventures of Mr Harley", "The Generous Curate" and "The Beautiful Cassandra" - are only a few lines long but others run to many pages and provide both entertainment and surprising insights into the development of the mature writer. Austen expert Janet Todd leafs through two of the precious volumes which are held at the British Library in London and d…

Anna in new wartime drama

According to This is Bath;

Anna was filming a new war time drama for the BBC called The Night Watch based on the lesbian novel by Sarah Waters, also in the cast is Clare Foy, Anna Wilson-Jones and Kenneth Cranham.

I can't find any cast announcement or other info as of yet but will update as soon as I do.